• We Are ThreadTrace

    A forward-thinking, result-oriented, lean software development company with a simple yet ambitious mission - to innovate and go beyond our clients’ expectations. We have decades of experience in software development across multiple industries - from large financial institutions and universities to startups. We specialize in mobile development, migration / deployment / maintenance of cloud infrastructure (AWS), custom enterprise software, and e-commerce.

  • We are Innovators

    Our team is comprised of great thinkers and tinkerers who are passionate about transforming ideas into reality. When we do encounter a problem which no one has tacked or the available solutions are subpar, we do not hesitate to develop it in house, on our dime, bring our innovation to the market and make it available to our clients.

  • We are Contributors

    We spend a portion of our day contributing to the open source projects and giving back to the community. This helps us stay up to date on all of the latest technologies and methodologies as well as gives an opportunity to work with other talented professionals from around the globe.

Behind The Scenes

ThreadTrace was founded by Kelly Christoffersen and Celso Nascimento. With a solid background including decades of experience in web technologies, artificial intelligence, and cloud infrastructure, the duo assembled a team of talented designers and developers with the mission to provide businesses a cost-effective and reliable alternative to in-house development. Currently servicing the market in Los Angeles and Orange County Metro area, ThreadTrace’s team works closely with each client focusing on customer satisfaction and delivering innovative solutions.

Contact Info

1442 E. Lincoln Ave. #122, Orange, CA 92865
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